Walking the Talk

Since 2009 I have led a divorce support meetup called Transitions and Beyond. I became leader by default – no one would step into the recently vacated role. So my very first meetup ever, I was leader. I didn’t know anything about running a meetup, but I was clear that I needed support. Divorce is excruciatingly painful, affecting every aspect of your life. Recovery takes an average of 3 years and leaves lifelong scars. How life looks and feels moving forward has much to do with the tools, support, and self-awareness we are mature enough to utilize. Recovery takes commitment and a vision for a new and better life ahead.

In other words, Divorce is not for wimps. I am reminded of this as I enter into a new phase of my life. Today I begin writing my next chapter. Often I remind my meetup friends, “How do you want your story to read? Do you want to write a different story or more of the same? Can you be brave? Can you be committed to self discovery? Can you rid yourself of the old self sabotaging behaviors? Can you live your true value?

Guess I better get to walking the talk.




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