Transitions and Beyond is a meet-up community for those transitioning from a committed relationship to a new and better life.  The first Friday of the month is our social gathering held in the Detroit Metro area. The third Saturday of the month we hold a support group which can be attended in person or via a prearranged google hangout. You can join our Facebook page here.

We have additional social events and periodic workshops on specific topics such as; Letting Go, Should I or Shouldn’t I, Divorce Proofing your Relationship, Dating 2.0., Embracing Change.


Anne Tourtillott is facilitator of Transitions and Beyond and a Certified Relationship Coach. She offers free 30 minute discovery sessions and private divorce coaching for those seeking further clarity, support, and a desire to find joy again.  Anne can be reached at transitionsandbeyond@gmail.com

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Hopeful New Year!

Hopeful New Year my friends, Today starts a new year and new opportunities to create the life that best suits and supports us. Holidays can be challenging for everyone – transition or no transition. Holidays have a way of magnifying areas of need and discontentment.  The pain we feel is difficult but it also gives … Continue reading Hopeful New Year!

Mom and Football

Today I will RSVP for my son’s football banquet. An event I gladly attend solo, yet another uncomfortable “mom and football” scenario.  You see, “mom” and “football” don’t go well together. It is A-OK for a mother to be her son’s biggest fan, cheering him on from the stands. But don’t ask for off-season camp … Continue reading Mom and Football

Walking the Talk

Since 2009 I have led a divorce support meetup called Transitions and Beyond. I became leader by default – no one would step into the recently vacated role. So my very first meetup ever, I was leader. I didn’t know anything about running a meetup, but I was clear that I needed support. Divorce is … Continue reading Walking the Talk

Married to the Job

For some time now I have been thinking a lot about my career. What I know for sure, as Oprah says,  Jobs are a lot like relationships. We seek clarity on what it is that we want.   We court potential employers.  We accept the position… and hope for the best. As my mother used … Continue reading Married to the Job

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